Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Back...

Well its a long time since I did a post .... too much has been going on .... so my bearmaking has been very quiet. But I'm back with a few new littlies.
I finished Flossy last night - soo cute!

Flossy the miniature bunny is just 1.75"/4.5cm tall. I knitted her little jacket - how fiddly. I'm so pleased that Judy has her knitting needles out again! Flossy is being auctioned on ebay .Click here for more info and photos.

The next little fellow is Davy who is 3"/7.5cm tall and is having a great time on his rocking horse.He is wearing a hand knitted jacket made by my friend Judy Buist

To purchase Davy go to ebay.

And finally here is Mackenzie wearing a silk ribbon and vintage lace. Mackenzie is 3.5"/9cm tall.For more photos and to purchase go to ebay

Maleny has had only 7 rain free days since the beginning of Feb and we are getting very tired of this weather. I am amazed at how quickly mold starts growing and washing just doesn't want to dry. I had to resort to the dryer today. The mold even grows on the inside of the windows!! Anyway at least we have plenty of water not like those in the southern parts of Oz.

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