Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet Simon....

Well its been a busy time over the last couple of weeks in the "Les Bears" household. After Gary left for USA I only had a few days on my own before my friend Judy arrived. And as you can imagine we've hardly come up for air!!! But while we've been chatting I've also been very productive. Suddenly I had orders from friends who wanted bears for friends, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. So with deadlines for these bears fast approaching it has been work, work work. But they are all finished and ready to go to their new homes. The bears were made from my patterns, Meg -12" and Huxley -14",very traditional and very big for me! Judy was kept busy knitting their jackets.

With all the big bears out of the way I've been able to get back to my miniatures and "Simon"was created. He stands just 2"/5cm tall and is wearing one of Judy's miniature creations - a duffle coat. He is just sooo... cute!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up with friends

Yesterday I had a lovely visit from friends Cindy and Derek. Many of you would remember Cindy and Derek from Beary Cheap Bear Supplies a mail order bear making supplies business which they owned for nearly 14 yrs. Cindy and Derek are just about ready to leave Australia to move to Phuket,Thailand. A new adventure starts for them ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Time Flies....

When you're having fun.......well being busy.
What a busy week its been. We've had friends and family staying, friends over for lunch, bear classes ,dancing classes and on Saturday and Sunday the Dare to Dream on line bear show.
What an amazing selection of bears and critters! And such a well organized show. A big thank you to Sandi for all her hard work.
Leo my 1 1/2" rabbit was adopted and yesterday Mei-Mei my 2" panda also found a new home.

Mei-Mei 2"/5cm SOLD

Leo 1 1/2"/4cm SOLD

On Saturday I had an email from Lyn wanting to adopt Leo but it went into my spam folder and I didn't discover it until yesterday. But she decided to take Mei-Mei instead and on Sunday we lost internet connection and didn't get it back until the show was well and truly over, but there was an email from Robyn wanting to adopt Leo. Aren't computers great..... when they're working and how reliant we have become on them.

Hunter and Honey are both awaiting new homes. You can also view the bears and critters that weren't sold at Teddy Bears and Critters

Hunter 2"/5cm $140

Honey 2"/5cm $140

Last night we had dinner with neighbours - great food , wine and company and today its back to work to get some orders finished.