Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time For A Sneak Peek!

Just thought I'd whet your appetite with a "Sneak Peek" of my bears for the "Be My Valentine"online bear show which is being held on 13th & 14th Feb. Thanks to Linda B and Linda D for help with this!

Benson Bears Blogiversary and a Giveaway!!

For all those bear lovers out there - you have a chance to become the proud owner of a Benson Bear! Just take a look at Bears in The Bush blog for a chance to win. Heres the link

I have 3 minature Benson Bears in my collection , made by Linda in the 90's. They are quite different from the realistic bears Linda now makes but I still love them.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rain ,Rain and More rain...

Well its been raining here since Christmas Eve and there is more to come! We shouldn't complain as now our water tanks are overflowing and everywhere is looking lush and green! The cows in the paddock over the road are certainly enjoying the luscious grass which grows at an incredilbly quick rate here. You need to mow about every 5 days or else it just gets away!
Finally my bears are finished for the Be My Valentine on line bear show being held on 13th and 14th Feb. When I work out how to do it I'll post a "Sneak Peek"
Below is "Michel" another little creation wearing a hand knitted dress made by Judy Buist. She is currently being auctioned on ebay.