Thursday, July 30, 2009

Its all too hard ...

I knew this blog thing would be a learning curve but why does it all have to become too hard!! I still can't get the Post Comments to load - it just doesn't want to do it!!! Thanks Sandi for your help but...

Anyway on to more interesting things. I managed to finish a bear yesterday. Her name is "Sophie" She is an old styled traditional bear which I made from felted mohair which I like to use. She is 18cm/7" tall which is a big bear for me. I dressed Sophie in a jacket that I made from a lacy collar that I hand dyed, and which was handknitted by my friend Judy Buist. It ties at the neck with a silk ribbon and a glass bead which was made by my sister-in-law Jennifer Findlay. Jenn creates the most amazing glass beads -


  1. See you mastered it all by yourself Lesley.

    I like this little "Sophie" bear ... she really looks like a Sophie, well like the Sophie I know! LOL!!

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  2. Hey, Lesley! Looking good! I've pasted you in my side bar, and thanks for listing me too. I look forward to following your journey... Ann.

  3. There you go Lesley, now we can all read and leave our comments! You little bear is lovely, I may have to treat myself to one of your littlies someday. Not real soon though, we've just got the monster bill from the vet!!! :(

  4. I can imagine Linda.We were quite shocked at the cost of Toby's last needle.

  5. Love the jacket. Clever and creative use of the collar.